Running through the rain, caught in the storm. The weather was suppose to be fine. We’d set out from the cabin in summer clothes. Clothes that now clung to our bodies. A thin veil of modesty.

We shield from the downpour in a derelict building. Pausing for breath inhale the scent of nettles and wild garlic, an aroma fresh and lifting. We look, share a smile. Away from the hustle of town, from the goldfish bowl of urban life. We’d made it.

Reaching for your hand we stand close together listening to the rain, drumming gently on the corrugated roof. Standing on tiptoes, I lean toward you. Then a crack and a flash, lightning hits.

We stay for a while, watch the sky dance. Watch the crescendo reach it’s peak. Clear the air and move away. The world awakes anew.


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