Month: October 2015

The school run graveyard

Apocolyptic silence heavy in the air
familiar landscape, numbed today.

Cars at home, engines yet to wake,
no school chorus, a temporary absence.

Leaves fall gently, no feet to drum them down,
cluttered pavements fill with autumn shades.

Wide open roads, stretch upon the horizon,
time slips easily, travelling in a dream.


Light from your window warms me on this cold night. I sit outside your building. Watch the people come and go. I long to be inside with you, to put this loneliness to bed.  Feel your arms around me as once before. Share a smile and a drink. The light shines and I sit in shadows. Cold seeping through my coat. I hug myself, watch your room go dark. Still I sit.

Working on some 72 word stories, quite liked this one.


Walking alone in the dark. Heart pounding, tempo high. Footsteps echo through the night. I push my hands deep into my pockets, fists curled tight. Shouldn’t have come this way, shouldn’t have walked away.

The steps quicken. I hold my breath. Push on hard. Then exhale. Just another girl on her way home. Another girl like me. I breathe.

The air doesn’t escape, it traps in my throat. Hands around my arm, squeezing tight. I shouldn’t have come this way.

Turn to the darkness, my sleeve is caught on a branch. I release it and run on through the park. Run into the embrace of the waiting street lights.

Back to the city, back to the noise. I bathe in the glow, inhale the street. No more diversions. No more tonight.