I didn’t know your heart was broken. Didn’t know it wheezed. Falling at my finger tips, crumble into grey.


A distant memory

Sunlight cuts through horizontal blinds. Yellow white so bright it’s blinding. A momentary distraction from this day. A  brief escape from the humdrum, the tip tapping, clitter clatter of working life. In that moment, when I can’t quite see, I’m with you. Warm sun basking. Waves lapping. Sharing a secret. Not yet forgotten.

Heart break at the Zoo

I got challenged to write a story including the word Rhinoceros

The rain drizzled half-heartedly. Soaking my jacket, without even trying. I was walking alone. I’m not sure when I let go of his hand. I think it was near the rhinoceros enclosure though it might have been before. I didn’t notice the loss. Didn’t notice his absence. I think I knew it was over. I turned to look back. He was stood reading about the rhino. Endangered. Extinct. Time for goodbye.

Sailor Jerry

We said we’d drink Sailor Jerry. A bottle to share you and I. We’d drink until dark. Get soaked on spiced rum. Dance in the bar. Cares set aside.

We’d forget all that came. All that we knew. Forget about morning, that inevitable grind. Set sail on the night seas. An adventure we’d have. A story to tell.

Yet we didn’t drink, we didn’t dance. Day came and it was just the same. Jerry’s still waiting. I’m still waiting. Bottle in hand.

A story to tell.