Inside I sit, desk piled high with papers, I don’t want to read, don’t want to see, don’t want at all. I stare solemnly, watch slate skies dissolve. Like Newtons cradle the rain falls in rhythm. Soft ball bearings knocking at the door. I welcome the distraction. Watch the rain run, making decisions, changing it’s course. How I wish I could change this. Change what happened. Change us.

Sailor Jerry

We said we’d drink Sailor Jerry. A bottle to share you and I. We’d drink until dark. Get soaked on spiced rum. Dance in the bar. Cares set aside.

We’d forget all that came. All that we knew. Forget about morning, that inevitable grind. Set sail on the night seas. An adventure we’d have. A story to tell.

Yet we didn’t drink, we didn’t dance. Day came and it was just the same. Jerry’s still waiting. I’m still waiting. Bottle in hand.

A story to tell.