With my eyes closed

Night walking. Head hazy. The streets warped like an Escher picture.  Yet my routefinder kicks in. My feet walk a path they’ve walked too many times before. 

Third lamppost on the left, take the snicket Dark and narrow I snag on brambles falling free, skin torn, stinging. Head for the light, the other side. Stumble on loose paving stones down the steps to arrive on your street. 

Quiet. Calm. Unchanged.

I sit on the pavement. Hug my knees tight. Here again. 


Star gazing

We stood on top of the hill. The city lights glistened below. Like stars dropped from the skies.

Just moments from home yet a different world. Up here the moon shined fierce, the cold bit harder. The shadows screamed. 

Up here the earth was strong. 

Hushed whispers ran through the grass. Howling wind slapped our faces. Charcoal trees laughed in darkness. Gnarled branches scratched our skin.

Our soft flesh scraped and tattered, we became something else. 

Eyes burned ebony whirlpools. Limbs stretched, wings emerged. We took flight into the night. Another shadow, another scream.

The fear of Night

The familiar, unknown. Bright colours, dark. This room she loves a canvas for nightmares. The wardrobe a gateway, a dragons mouth, demons and shadows all lurking inside. Teeth gnashing, claws dragging, covers pulled up tight. Heart pounding, fingers curled. A squeak, a whispered shout.

Lights on.

A warm touch. Her familiar face. That voice. She touches your skin, brushes the hair from your head, with a soft lullaby the nightmares dissolve. Evaporate.


They lay waiting for the darkness. For fear to rise again.


Night light glows softly. Bed time stories done. I get up,walk away, yet you call me,”Don’t let the monsters in”. You don’t yet understand. Monsters are just shadows and darkness. They are not in the cupboard. Not under the bed. Monsters are in the street, in the people you know. They live within you. Screaming to come out. Screaming in silence.

I draw your duvet up, stroke your head. There are no monsters here. Hush now. Hush.