The Day Ends Too Soon

Frozen leaves glisten,
ice crackles on the pavement
I walk home alone


A bonfire for one

I sit, surrounded by things. Things you used to own. Photos of things we’d done. I gather them up, into a mountain of memories. Set them alight. Watch us burn. Alone. I watch the fires dance. Bright sparks reaching for the night sky. A tear in my eye. I look to the stars, watch the smoke weave it’s way to them. A chill in the air. I sip my mug of wine. Say goodbye. Watch the fires burn. The heat fade. The ashes sit grey.

Window decoration

Stars bright, night skies. I walk tonight. Walk to where I know. This familiar path aching. Through the city, where memories linger on each corner. Out towards your place, my heart jitters, my pace slows. I stop. Look to the window. Woodwork cracked, paint peeling. The plant I use to water pushed against the glass. The leaves I cared for wilting.