Month: June 2014

Dear Jamie

Another summer day, a rainy summer day. The air is fresh and the ground is damp. I’m standing outside the school, waiting for the fair to start. The fair I’ve been going to for the past twenty five years. Our summer fair. I’m standing at the top of your street and I see us as we once were. Young and care free. The best of friends. Running as fast as we could, spending all our time together, no care that you were a boy and I was a girl. Just friends. Where did you go, where are you now? Just a lonely street holding the ghost of our past.

I think back to the time we had together, the first sips of orange, lemon and pineapple squash. It seemed so exotic, so foreign, a new flavor that only lived at your house. That time we were allowed to leave the fair and we went to your house. Just the two of us. The trust we had been given. The first steps of freedom. Coming away from childhood, forging ourselves as independents, moving away from the simpleness of our youth. There were no boundaries at primary school, that last year though we were all changing. Secondary school came and it all changed.

Different classes, different people. Growing up and growing apart. The first year we stayed friends, you bought me a Christmas present, a small teddy bear broach, what else would an eleven year old buy, and after that we drifted. School passed and we simply existed, a sly smile, a gentle glance. Not in each others lives anymore.

Years later I heard your dad had died. I thought about you, hoped you were well. You have a family now, a wife and a son. I have a daughter and a husband too. We still live in the same city but I don’t see you, or if I do I’m not sure you recognise me. One day I will say hello, reach across the empty years back to our childhood. Those years we mattered to each other. Not anymore. It’s sad, that’s life though. People come and go, memories stay. Snippets of our lives that won’t ever be erased, the time you ate an ink cartridge and your mouth turned blue, or when you had a crush on that other girl and we hid in the bike sheds to talk about it. The slip in the ice, climbing walls, playing football, sneaking into the forbidden area behind the canteen, the all girl cinema outing I didn’t invite you on, things children get up to, an array of playground antics. Dear Jamie you will forever be in my memory.

Any Old Night

The streets are quiet
A stillness fills the air.
Walking back from where you’ve been.
Where you were the night before.
Laughter and friends,
Join together
Sometimes there are tears,
Break ups and harsh words
Not tonight though
It was one of those rare perfect nights.
The music still echoes
Swarming round in your head,
A soundtrack to the morning walk.
Familiar sights,
Mark the passing time
The journey home.
You see the milk float
And smile to yourself
Everyone has gone home.
The festivities are over.
The town is yours.
All yours. for now.
Enjoy the moment.
Soon it will wake,
You will have lost it again.


Coloured Stars

Laying on my bed
Thinking of you
All those years ago
When everything mattered so much
Listening to the right song
Knowing all the words
Little Pink Stars
And Pale Green ones too
These songs are inseparable
From the me that belongs to you
A part of my life
That is always with you
Cocooned in these words
For always
The years have passed
The songs stay on
You and me
Seventeen again
Always that age
Never growing older
Held in a lyrical limbo


Watching a program about books, apparently there is a town that has over 23 book shops. Must be a lot of stories there:

Shelves brimming,
Pages crammed in tight.
So many stories, so many lives.
Tales sit side by side
Fictions, truths, adventure and escape
Curiousities falling off their post.
Picked up or not.
They all sit there.
The possibilities endless.
Which tale to choose.
Which story to tell.
A personal journey.
Unique to us all.
The wonder of books.
Their fate falls into our laps.