Month: October 2016


Night light glows softly. Bed time stories done. I get up,walk away, yet you call me,”Don’t let the monsters in”. You don’t yet understand. Monsters are just shadows and darkness. They are not in the cupboard. Not under the bed. Monsters are in the street, in the people you know. They live within you. Screaming to come out. Screaming in silence.

I draw your duvet up, stroke your head. There are no monsters here. Hush now. Hush.

Sailor Jerry

We said we’d drink Sailor Jerry. A bottle to share you and I. We’d drink until dark. Get soaked on spiced rum. Dance in the bar. Cares set aside.

We’d forget all that came. All that we knew. Forget about morning, that inevitable grind. Set sail on the night seas. An adventure we’d have. A story to tell.

Yet we didn’t drink, we didn’t dance. Day came and it was just the same. Jerry’s still waiting. I’m still waiting. Bottle in hand.

A story to tell.