Month: May 2014

A Moment

Had a great day with family today, despite the rain.

Rain fills the air
Moisture on the ground
That fresh feeling starts the day
The clouds clear
Sun breaks through
Rainbows on the pavement
Dancing in the dew
Enter the park
No one else around
Swinging higher and higher
Laughter in the clouds
A perfect moment in an average day


Walking down the street
A street I’ve walked before
Hand in hand with you
Once long ago

But you let me go
And I broke inside
Nothing was the same
Something in me died

Now I see you again
Your hand belongs to another
No longer mine
Though the pain remains

Walking down that same street
A brief glance and you are gone
Breathless I stop, unable to move
Broken again.


I started a new job today in the best setting. It is an old Georgian house that has secret doors, frogs and rats painted on the floor and a great collection of art work throughout. Feeling very lucky to work in such a beautiful place:

Down the dark alley
Stop outside an old house
Sat among the others
No different to the rest
Open the door
Step inside
An entrance to another world
Colours astound
Paintings jump out
The walls are alive
Here is something else
Something new
A fresh feeling
It will be ok
It will all be ok.




Sleepless Night

Didn’t get much sleep over the past couple of nights. Good thing about being awake is that I can think of words and little bits of writing to share:

Awake again, not sure why.
Your voice won’t leave.
The echoes haunting me.
The past reels out in my mind.
Unable to let go.
Thinking about you, after all these years.
Wish you would leave.
Please leave me be.
But in the night, you creep in.
Unwelcome in my thoughts,
An intruder in my home.
Day light comes and you are gone.
Life goes on.
It always goes on.