Heart break at the Zoo

I got challenged to write a story including the word Rhinoceros

The rain drizzled half-heartedly. Soaking my jacket, without even trying. I was walking alone. I’m not sure when I let go of his hand. I think it was near the rhinoceros enclosure though it might have been before. I didn’t notice the loss. Didn’t notice his absence. I think I knew it was over. I turned to look back. He was stood reading about the rhino. Endangered. Extinct. Time for goodbye.

The fear of Night

The familiar, unknown. Bright colours, dark. This room she loves a canvas for nightmares. The wardrobe a gateway, a dragons mouth, demons and shadows all lurking inside. Teeth gnashing, claws dragging, covers pulled up tight. Heart pounding, fingers curled. A squeak, a whispered shout.

Lights on.

A warm touch. Her familiar face. That voice. She touches your skin, brushes the hair from your head, with a soft lullaby the nightmares dissolve. Evaporate.


They lay waiting for the darkness. For fear to rise again.