Month: August 2016

No Entry

Heavy skies, rain threatened. The bitter wind embraced her. Swept her sideward as she pushed forwards. Walking past the park the roundabout revolved, spiralling the ghost of lost children. The empty swings cried out. She wouldn’t look. Wouldn’t turn. Pressed on. The wind accelerated, spinning her ungainly. She fell at the gates. Paint flaking, colours fading. The padlock clamped tight. She gripped the railing, fingers white. Icy tears brimmed. Reaching through, she felt his small hand. Traced his fingers with her own. Tried to hold on.


The sirens had stopped. The roads all cleared. Tidy now, just some neglected loose rubber, that damaged fence. At home I shower. Hot needles pierce my skin. The dry blood aches as I scrub it away. Watch the water turn pink. Swirling, like sauce in a cool vanilla ice cream. Melting in the heat. This is different, this is life. I watch as you wash down the drain. Relief comes in waves. I weep, tears running free. Tomorrow I’ll visit. Tomorrow you’ll be ok.


The door was broken. It’s handle didn’t turn. Yet looking through the keyhole she could see there was something. Something waiting behind. She grabbed the metal handle, rattled it uselessly. Arms pulled taut, feet gripped at the base, she yanked tight. The door didn’t yield. She fell, hands sore, landed with a thud. She watched through the keyhole, watched the world beyond. Another life, Another dream.